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Chairman’s Report February 2021

Sadly, this report marks the fact that we have not been able to hold a face-to-face meeting for twelve months and it would be optimistic to consider that we will be resuming these meetings for at least five-to-six months. However, in that time we have continually carried out our work diligently and will continue you to do so while waiting for the day when we can resume our regular meetings. I would like to express the thanks of the Committee to you all for your responses to the matters we have been dealing with during that time.


The covid -19 vaccinations has been carried out in the town hall and there have been no reports of any problems. So, at this time we must still remain cautious and adhere to whatever guidelines while the vaccine rollout continues.

Junction of Walkinshaw Street and High Street

Iain has forwarded our group responses to Gemma Wilson the Planning and Policy Development Officer who is dealing with this matter. However, safety always comes at a cost and no matter what is done there will always be a trade-off regarding the time taken for traffic to pass through the town, the volume of traffic on alternate routes that may be used to avoid any new traffic measures, and pedestrian safety, but at the end of the day pedestrian safety must always be the main priority.

Lights in Park

It is good to hear that new lighting seems to be getting installed in Thomas Shanks Park. As you all know the Community Council has long lobbied for this to happen so it is good to hear that we have finally gotten a response. Just like the other work done in the park over the last couple of years this is a start, when completed it beings an element of safety to the folk who will cross through the park at night. However, it should be noted that by comparison to Barrshaw in Paisley, and Robertson in Renfrew our park is still a long way behind to bring it up to a similar standard of spending.

Spateston Plan

Following the responses received to the Spateston TRA’s request for our backing for their plan for a community hub in the scheme the CC has come to the decision that regrettably we cannot support the plan in this form. Questions have been raised about the sustainability of the project in both the short and long terms.

While the CC would like to see community facilities in this area and we do wish Spateston TRA well in their endeavour perhaps they might find it wise to consider putting a hold on moving forward with the project for twelve months or so to get a more informed idea of what funding will be available post-covid. They could also try and have Renfrewshire Council put a hold on any sale of this land to allow this to be possible. There would be nothing to stop Spateston TRA submitting a revised plan seeking the support of the CC at that time once a clearer view could be available regarding the financial sustainability of the plan and available funding streams at that time.

Local Partnership - Johnstone Gala Day 2021 Funding

As a group we will shortly have to make a decision on whether it will be possible to have a Gala Day this year due to the ongoing Covid situation. This decision will have to be made as we would have to submit a funding application to the local partnership for the event. While the Covid vaccination is being carried out we must consider if by August it would be safe to hold this event and if it was decided that we could not in all honesty to come to a yes on that decision we will have to decide whether or not the CC will be applying for funding for something else. The Committee will be monitoring the situation in coming weeks and will then put some proposals to the membership for consideration.

Current Finances

The amount in our Administrative Account now includes this year’s CC funding from Renfrewshire council. I would like to pass on my thanks to Kay for her work over the last year which encompassed some highly stressful legacy issues regarding hall let payments. This should now have been sorted out however, we will continue to monitor this situation.

Stay safe, stay well,

Tom Wallace

Chairman JCC

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