Chairman’s Report April 2021

In Light of there being no face-to face meetings of the Community Council due to the ongoing Covid situation, the following report has been issued.

Covid Situation

As the easing of restrictions begins to happen, I must admit to being saddened on having seen some of the images online of things that had taken place across the country over the holiday weekend. While we are doing well with the vaccine rollout and restrictions are being slowly eased it would seem that there are those in society who just don’t care and have shown a great lack of responsibility in their actions. As can be seen from what is happening across Europe, we have a long way to go before what we saw as normality will return. Likewise, as the schools reopen the utmost must be done to protect the children and staff as we move forward. Fordbank Primary in Corseford has been mentioned in the following article in the Daily Record.

Sadly, the number of people who have passed where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate in Scotland is approaching 10,000.

Howwood Rd T&RA

After the responses to the committee’s proposal that the CC donate £100.00 to the new Tenants and Residents Group that has begun working in the Howwood Road Scheme I can now confirm that this proposal has been backed by the membership and a cheque will be delivered to their Treasurer over the coming week. This money has been donated to help with the cost of plants and planters the want to purchase to help make the scheme more attractive to the residents and anyone visiting the scheme. The creation of this group is good news as the scheme has more or less been ignored by the powers that be especially regarding the plots of land previously occupied by the two primary schools Cochrane Castle and St David’s. We wish the new group success in their endeavours.


There has been a rise in reports of vermin infestation in areas of the town as was reported in the following articles from the Gazette and Paisley daily Express. This situation is unacceptable and Iain has previously been in contact with the council on our behalf regarding earlier reports on this matter.

Public Transport

It seems that McGill’s have re-thought some of their plans for the resetting of bus services in the local area. The fact is that their plans have been rejected by a large proportion of the local population. Perhaps before making plans to nationalise the railways in Scotland there should first be a move to get decent bus links in place. Improving the rail system is fine, but folk still have to reach the stations to take advantage of it.


After getting my first jab a couple of weeks ago I took the opportunity to have a look around the bandstand. I may be wrong but the crack in the pillar looks to me as if it has gotten worse. In general, the bandstand is looking to be in a pretty poor condition. As the regulations on meeting with people ease, I hope that a further inspection can be arranged and prompt action taken to resolve the problems at hand.


Last but not least, the local branch of the TSB has now closed and its cash line machine looks to have been removed. As a former account holder, I remember having informal conversations with Cllr’s Bibby and Doig where I had raised my concerns that there was a definite possibility that the branch would close and sadly, I was correct. This now leaves us with only two banks in the town centre the Bank of Scotland, and the Royal Bank of Scotland both of which will have probably picked up custom from former TSB account holders who were not willing to accept a branch in Paisley as their local branch.


Tom Wallace

Chairman JCC.

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