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Agenda and Minutes for 12th September 2019

Agenda Johnstone Community Council

12/9/2019 Johnstone Town Hall 7pm


2) Minutes of Meeting 8th August

3) Matters Arising

4) Police Crime Statistics

5) Chairpersons Report

6) Secretary’s Report

7) Treasurers Report

8) RCCF Report


10) Date of next meeting: AGM 10th October 7pm, followed by general meeting

Johnstone Community Council

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Johnstone Community Council held on Thursday 12th September 2019 at 7.00pm in Johnstone Town Hall.


Members: Marie Corbett, Elizabeth Forrest, Daniel Graham, Catherine Johnstone, Iain McMillan, Geraldine McNealey, Valerie Reilly, Arlene Scarff and Thomas Wallace.

Also in attendance:

Councillors (Ward 8) –

(Ward 9) – Derek Bibby, Bill Binks and Andy Doig.

3 members of the public were also present.


Daniel McKay, Linda Flint and Chris Gilmour.

Councillors Jacqueline Cameron, John Hood, Alistair Mackay and Andy Steel.

2. Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.

Proposed by Catherine Johnstone

Seconded by Elizabeth Forrest

3. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4. Police Crime Statistics Report

The officers presented the crime statistics for Johnstone for the period from 8th August and 12th September.

Johnstone Town Centre

A total of 40 crimes were reported including 1 serious assault, 2 common assaults, 12 thefts and attempted thefts, 2 drug offences, 8 anti-social offences and 5 road traffic offences. 16 of these crimes had been detected.

West Johnstone

A total of 19 crimes were reported including 1 serious assault, 3 common assaults, 3 thefts and attempted thefts, 1 road traffic offence and 5 anti-social offences. 2 of these crimes had been detected.

Spateston and Corseford

A total of 4 crimes were reported including 1 road traffic offence and 2 anti-social offences. 2 of these crimes had been detected.

Johnstone Castle

A total of 13 crimes were reported including 2 common assaults, 1 theft, 1 drug offence, 2 road traffic offences and 5 anti-social offences. 7 of these crimes had been detected.

There being no other questions for the officers Thomas Wallace thanked all the officers, and all their colleagues, who had participated in Johnstone Community Council meetings over the last four years. The officers then left the meeting.

5. Chairman’s Report

Iain McMillan and TW reported on the illness of Councillor Hood. The thoughts of the Community Council will be with him during his treatment.

IMcM will send a Get Well card on JCC’s behalf.

TW reported on the Gala Day, noting that it had taken place on the hottest day of the year. About 6,000 people attended and the park was busy right from the time the Gala opened. All traders and community stalls did well. There were 45 dogs taking part in the dog show, performances on the stage and the bungee jumps and bumper cars had had long queues.

One problem had been that JCC had arranged with Renfrewshire Council for portaloos and generators but there had been some miscommunication between RC and JCC. This was finally sorted out two days before the Gala, but could have caused cancellation. This situation will need to be clarified before next year.

The A737 group had held a meeting. Cllr Binks reported that the meeting had been poorly attended and there had not been much progress. They had been presented with figures showing that the A737 has almost the same volume of traffic as the A9. Another meeting will probably be held after Christmas.

IMcM stated that this problem must be sorted out – the area has a big population, and this is a busy road.

Cllr Binks noted that there have been 109 ‘incidents’ in 3 months, which equates to almost 1 a day.

Cllr Doig added that it was an important Health and Safety issue. However, there is not much RC can do as the road is the responsibility of Transport Scotland. Local councils do need to get together and bring pressure to bear.

The improvement of the road is also an economic imperative – Johnstone needs decent access for employment possibilities.

TW reported on the RC consultation on the sex entertainment industry. JCC has lodged comments along the lines discussed at the previous meeting.

TW thanked JCC members for their participation over the previous four years. One big success has been the establishment of the RC/JCC Liaison Group which has brought some good results. He noted that many issues raised at JCC meetings are of a recurring nature: dog poo, pigeons, bins etc. etc. There have been successes. However, EF noted that the bins across from Colliers are still an issue. She has phoned the Council and someone promised to look at the problem – but now there are even more bins! Cllr D noted that, at the Infrastructure Board, the Council claimed that the bin collection system is now working correctly 99.8% of the time, a claim that he found incredible. A suggestion has been made that RC and JCC have a meeting with local businesses to discuss the situation. He intimated that he had submitted a motion to the next RC meeting calling for a review of the new recycling systems.

6. Secretary’s Report

IMcM reported that there had not been a recent Liaison Group meeting but hoped to arrange one before 30th September.

He noted that licence applications are now coming in for the Remembrance Day parades.

The plans for the housing development on the old school sites had been on display at the Cochran Castle Community Hall. They look impressive.

Council Board meetings (the full Council does not meet until 22nd Sept)


There have been sales of land at North Road and Elm Drive for gardens.

Parks investment – Elderslie and Howwood have been awarded finances to improve their parks. We have submitted a letter to Sandra Black on behalf of Shanks Park. A reply has been received but it is in the negative. This will need to be taken up by the new CC


The new Spateston Nursery is coming along well

The proposal for houses at the back of Morrisons have been sent back to the developers for more technical details.

39 council houses are to be built on Auchengreoch Road – there have been mixed views among the local community.

Geraldine McNealey asked if any work is to be done in McDowall Street. Cllr Bibby suggested that a solution might be compulsory purchase of the unused buildings. Cllr D added that the Town Centre Plan suggested that the Council would consider compulsory purchase.

There has been no progress on the zebra crossing at Aldi’s.

Cllr Bibby reported that the Taxi application from the Renfrewshire Cab Co has been rejected on the grounds of the location being unsuitable.

7. Treasurer’s Report

As the Treasurer was not present, there was no financial report.

8. RCCF report

CJ reported that RCCF had met on 27th August and discussed arrangements for the Local Partnerships – issues are being addressed.

Also discussed was the review of the Community Councils scheme. Three typographical errors had been amended but the removal of the requirement for nominations of prospective CC members had been defeated by 9 votes to 8 – the system therefore remains the same.

There was an update on the CC elections.

Council clerks will attend all CC AGMs.

The A737 group was also discussed. All CCs with an interest in the road have expressed willingness to be involved.

It was suggested that CC’s should invite pupils from the senior schools in their area to attend meetings to see how CCs work. IMcM said that if he was still in post after the AGM he would like to facilitate this, adding that involvement would be good for pupils’ CVs.

Anne McNaughton has been keeping us updated on JCC nominations and had reported that we now have the required 10 members to allow JCC to continue.

TW thanked CJ for her attendance at RCCF meetings.


TW noted that this had been a tidying-up meeting and that JCC should be proud of the work done including the stopping of the proposed parking charges, the setting up of the Liaison Group and three successful Gala Days.

Cllr Bibby wanted to acknowledge the achievements of JCC in running the Gala and keeping the councillors on their toes. But the biggest success had been the abandonment of the Council’s proposed parking charge scheme, working in conjunction with the Johnstone Business Consortium. He thanked all the JCC members on the behalf of all the Councillors

TW replied that JCC now works very closely with the Business Consortium – in fact the Gala Committee now functions like a mini Local Partnership. The monies raised at the Gala go to various charities.

We are to pay the costs of the Johnstone Dementia Friendly Group meeting, which will be organised after the election.

Daniel Graham said that it was good to know that we hope to involve school pupils. Input from all age groups in the town is required – also representation of different parts of the town.

Cllr Bibby said that this was a good point and it would be a good opportunity for the next incarnation of JCC to discuss what is its raison d’être. We should develop a vision for Johnstone for the future.

GMcN said that another way of attracting young people is through the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for which they have to do a year of voluntary work. She added that St Benedict’s is very hot on the D of E scheme.

Arlene Scarff said that we should get even younger children to say what they want from the town. They have very strong views.

Cllr D said we could do a JCC survey which could go to children and their parents.

TW said that it seemed it was easier to attract members to a Tenants and Residents Association – perhaps because it was closer to one’s own front door.

IMcM said that these were some very good ideas about getting children involved, but the lack of geographic coverage of the whole town was concerning. DG’s remarks had been spot on – JCC needs to look at the bigger picture.

Cllr Binks added that Howwood CC has got one or two younger members – JCC needs to focus on issues like Shanks Park that younger people are interested in.

TW thanked DG for his past service to JCC.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.25pm.

The next meeting will the AGM and will be held in the Marriage Suite of Johnstone Town Hall on Thursday 10th October 2019 at 7.00pm, to be followed by the regular meeting.

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