Agenda and Minutes for 11th July 2019

Agenda Johnstone Community Council Thursday 11th July 7 pm Johnstone Town Hall

1) Apologies

2) Minutes of Meeting 13 the June

3) Matters Arising

4) Police Crime Statistics

5) Chairpersons Report

6) Secretary s Report/Liaison Group/Board Reports

7) Treasurers Report

8) A. O. C. B.

9) Date of Next Meeting Thursday 8th August 2019

Johnstone Community Council

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Johnstone Community Council held on Thursday 2019 at 7.00pm in Johnstone Town Hall.


Members: Marie Corbett, Wilma Dean, Linda Flint, Elizabeth Forrest, Catherine Johnstone, Dennis Lavery, Iain McMillan, Geraldine McNealey, Valerie Reilly, Arlene Scarff and Thomas Wallace.

Also in attendance:


(Ward 9) – Derek Bibby, Bill Binks.

4 members of the public were also present.


Councillors Jacqueline Cameron, John Hood, Alistair Mackay, Andy Doig and Emma Rodden.

2. Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.

Proposed by Geraldine McNealey

Seconded by Catherine Johnstone

3. Matters Arising

GMcN noted that it had been herself that had reported the mail boxes in John Lang Street and not Arlene Scarff as stated in the minutes. It was agreed that the appropriate correction would be made.

Cllr Bibby reported that the Environmental Services Department were investigating shared premises to see if they can customise bin allocation to better suit the spaces available at individual premises.

4. Police Crime Statistics Report

Johnstone Town Centre

A total of 39 crimes were reported including 2 serious assaults, 3 common assaults, 11 thefts and attempted thefts, 16 anti-social offences and 4 road traffic offences. 16 of these crimes had been detected.

West Johnstone

A total of 20 crimes were reported including 1 common assault, 3 thefts and attempted thefts, 6 drug offences and 6 anti-social offences. 12 of these crimes had been detected.

Spateston and Corseford

A total of 8 crimes were reported including 2 thefts, 1 road traffic offence and 1 anti-social offence. 3 of these crimes had been detected.

Johnstone Castle

A total of 15 crimes were reported including 2 common assaults, 7 thefts or attempted thefts, 1 drug offence, 1 road traffic offence and 4 anti-social offences. 4 of these crimes had been detected.

Dennis Lavery asked whether it was true that the speed camera on Beith Road was out of action.

The PC answered that it had been but was now back in action.

From the floor it was commented that it was a surprise that no drug offences had been reported for the town centre area.

PC answered that this was one of the reasons that extra officers had been appointed to the town centre. There has been a lot of background work building up intelligence which will be taken forward.

CJ asked why the 101phone number was so difficult to get through on. PC – it was just the nature of the system and sometimes the information does not reach those who could act on it. He added that there were other ways to pass on information eg email. Every call that comes in is prioritised and resources allocated accordingly. He understood the frustration but emphasised that they do appreciate receiving information.

Iain McMillan commented on drug problems, saying that he had had his eyes opened to the number of people under the influence in the town centre. He was worried it would put people off coming in to the town.

PC - this is a massive problem in general but the police would continue to be as robust as they could. Vallium is the main problem drug in Johnstone and the police targeted dealers more than users. However, they do need the public to keep reporting.

Linda Flint asked whether the CCTV system picked up offences happening. PC – if a call came in the CCTV, operators can try to see it, but the cameras are only as good as their location. The operators cover all Renfrewshire and can’t be expected to see everything.

LF asked that the police be aware of the situation at the Thorn School where it is difficult for children to cross the road because of people parking for the station.

PC – they were already making contact with the school and arranging to go there as much as possible.

There being no other questions for the officers they left the meeting at 7.35pm.

5. Chairman’s Report

Thomas Wallace reported that there were a couple of planning issues currently that were of interest – Rannoch Road and Fordbank.

The application for an amusement arcade had only attracted 6 replies to his email, which was not enough for him to take action. He had spoken to the Business Consortium and it was reported that there were concerns an arcade might attract drug dealers.

DL commented on a similar case in Leith and said that it highlighted that the legislation favours developers rather than the community. It means people become disillusioned and stop trying to change things.

TW noted that the ‘Scheme of Management’ for CCs had been referred back to RCC Forum and there will be a proper vote this time round.

IMcM commented that JCC missed the consultation deadline – but so did 18 other CCs. That could never be credible.

TW said it was now up to RCCF and he didn’t know how it would go.

Cllr Bibby said that if RCCF votes against it would be binding on the Council. Cllr Binks commented that the quorum at RCCF is 5 CCs – so less than a quorum had responded to the situation

TW reported that £500,000 had been allocated to town centre improvements – the bulk of which will go to the Active Communities project at the old police station. He added that this should be a beginning … not an end.

Cllr Bibby commented that some of the money was going to tidy up an area now owned by Dawn Homes and he thought that to be inappropriate.

TW reported that a meeting had been held on 26th June involving JCC, the

Friends of Shanks Park, the Sports Complex and the North Road T&RA. Two

Council officers, Graham Turner and Nicola Drummond had discussed the Green Spaces Fund. There was a need now to hold a meeting without Council officers present to decide what we want done.

TW queried why Johnstone has to fight for money for our park when Paisley and Renfrew have just been given funds.

Cllr Binks commented that the Council should be doing the proposals and finding the funding.

Wilma Dean noted that the Friends of Shanks Park had been established 5 years ago, has a constitution, a business plan and public liability insurance – but still they are waiting for action. She added we had done all the work getting the junior play park put together in Shanks Park, but the Council had taken all the credit.

LF said that the Councillors should be standing up for Johnstone and that there should be a fund that should only be available for small green spaces like Miller Street.

Cllr Bibby said that all 8 Johnstone Councillors should be applying maximum pressure. A problem is that no Johnstone Councillors are in charge of any policy boards and therefore are not in charge of the purse strings.

IMcM commented that the onus is on JCC and we need to fight our corner. DL asked if we should go to the press. TW replied that it was an option.

6. Secretary’s Report

IMcM commented that there had been no adverse comments on Procession applications and he had sent out the liaison group minutes.

There had been three Boards which had met recently.

Health and Social Care Partnership – Congratulations were offered (in her absence) to Cllr Cameron who will be chair of this Board from September. On the issue of dealing with Child Poverty, health workers are now giving advice on benefits.

Full Council – The Polling Place review had been put back to September due to the unexpected European elections. Various annual reports had been submitted.

Susan McDonald of Active Communities was congratulated on being awarded the BEM.

There had been a motion for Scottish Water to provide top-up taps around our town centres.

Leadership – it was reported that the target of 100 days to save Coats Memorial Church had not achieved its target (it had reached about 20%). They will continue to fundraise.

7. Treasurer’s Report

LF reported that the balance of funds stood at £6,456.23.

JCC has now opened a separate account for fund raising.

There has been a good response to requests for donations for the Gala Day tombola. A few ads have already been booked. LF asked whether JCC would be placing its own ad. TW replied in the affirmative and that it would be paid for.

TW noted that volunteers were needed for the day.

GMcN agreed to help request prizes.


GMcN reported that work on the new pedestrian crossing at Starbucks – but it is right at the corner which seems like the wrong place. TW said he would send in a letter about this.

CJ said there was a long standing issue about trying to get brown bins for Thorn Court – there are only 7 to cover 36 flats and more are needed. She reported that she had tried many times to contact Environmental Services about this but they never get back to her. IMcM said he would report it to Chris Dalrymple.

Cllr Bibby added that the whole system is shambolic – in some areas there is an excess of bins which are not being used – elsewhere there are not enough bins. It needs a major review.

Elizabeth Forrest queried why Colliers pub are allowed to have their bins out (on the opposite side of the road to their premises) week in week out. Cllr Bibby said this was another symptom of the shambolic system – they are not being monitored. He suggested we should get a representative to our September meeting – preferably the Director.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm.

The next meeting will be held in the Marriage Suite of Johnstone Town Hall on Thursday 8th August 2019 at 7.00pm.

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