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Agenda and Minutes for 14th March 2019

Agenda Johnstone Community Council 14th March 7pm Johnstone Town Hall

1) Apologies

2) Minutes of Meeting 14/2/19

3) Matters Arising

4) Police Crime Statistics

5) Chairperson s Report

6) Secretary s Report/Liaison Meeting /Council Boards

7) Treasurers Report

8) Community Council Forum


10) Date of Next Meeting 11/4/19

Johnstone Community Council

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of Johnstone Community Council held

on Thursday 14th March 2019 at 7.00pm in Johnstone Town Hall.


Members: Marie Corbett, Wilma Dean, Linda Flint, Elizabeth Forrest, Daniel

Graham, Catherine Johnstone, Dennis Lavery, Daniel McKay, lain McMillan,

Geraldine McNeaIey, Valerie Reilly and Arlene Scarff.

Also in attendance:

Councillors (Ward 8) — Jacqueline Cameron, John Hood, Alistair Mackay,

Andy Steel.

(Ward 9) —Bill Binks, Emma Rodden.

8 members of the public were also present.


Chris Gilmour, Thomas Wallace and Councillors Derek Bibby and Andy Doig.

In the absence of Thomas Wallace, lain McMillan took the chair.

2. Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.

Proposed by Catherine Johnstone

Seconded by Dennis Lavery

3. Matters Arising

The Secretary reported that he had been asked to write to local supermarkets

to ask whether they would be willing to sponsor flower baskets around the

town. He had hand-delivered the letters three weeks previously but so far

there had been no response.

4. Police Crime Statistics Report

The two police officers presented the latest crime statistics report covering the

period from 14th February to 14th March.

Johnstone Town Centre

A total of 43 crimes were reported including 5 common assaults, 23 thefts and

attempted thefts, 3 drug offences, 6 anti-social offences and 6 road traffic

offences. 16 of these crimes had been detected.

West Johnstone

A total of 16 crimes were reported including 4 thefts and attempted thefts, 1

common assault, 1 drug offence, 4 anti-social offences and 3 road traffic

offences. 9 of these crimes had been detected.

Spateston and Corseford

A total of 10 crimes were reported including 3 thefts and attempted thefts, 3

common assaults, 1 anti-social offence and 1 road traffic offence. 5 of these

crimes had been detected.

Johnstone Castle

A total of 14 crimes were reported including 6 thefts or attempted thefts, 1

anti-social offence and 2 road traffic offences. 3 of these crimes had been


Cllr Steel asked if the officers had seen social media reports regarding

suspicious behaviour. The officers responded that they don’t monitor social

media and suggested that people should be encouraged to report such


IMcM said that in light of increased attempts to enter houses might it not be

an idea to get a feel for what is going on in social media. The officers replied

that Facebook groups are often closed and the police don’t get invited in.

Additionally, any attempts to watch social media could be construed as covert


CJ noted that she had reported some property damage several days earlier

and no-one had yet got back to her.

Danny McKay said that there had been three housebreaking attempts in his

area and asked if any extra help had been brought in. He was told that there

has been a spike of such offences in Renfrewshire and a special initiative has

been set up.

Cllr Hood reported that in his area a white van had been noted checking back

gardens and taking away scrap metal without asking. The officers said that

this would be looked at as part of the special initiative.

Margaret Lavery said that her area has a neighbourhood watch scheme which

seems to help and that if people get together, they can help each other.

IMcM stated that the whole town was concerned about the amount of

break-ins and hoped that the initiative would go well, but he went on to stress

that all crimes should be reported so that the police were aware of the full

picture. He added that it was particularly worrying that these crimes reportedly

include weapons. The officers said that such crimes are rare but tend to

attract more media attention.

There being no further questions, IMcM thanked the officers who left at


5. Chairman’s Report

TW had submitted a written report which was read out by IMcM.

The report complained that despite increases in the Council Budget for

Council Tax payers there seemed to be very little in it for the benefit of

Johnstone. Cllr C Replied that some money was earmarked for Johnstone

projects such as an external refurbishment at St Anthony's, an upgrade at

West Lane Gardens and supporting the Active Communities’ bid for the asset

transfer of the old police station.

TW noted that an open day in respect of the Barbush Farm development has

been set for April 11"‘. Additionally, if development was to take place on the

former school sites off Beith Road the Council needed to upgrade or replace

the shops.

IMcM stated that when the schools were demolished the shops had been

supposed to be demolished too. He added new houses need new shops.

TW stated that a meeting of the Gala Committee would be convened soon but

there was a worry about the state of the paths and their safety. There was a

possibility the Gala might need to be moved to the Town Centre.

Wilma Dean reported that Renfrewshire Council have received quotes for the

upgrading of the paths and that work should be taking place soon. Cllr H

noted that someone had broken their ankle on one of the paths within the

previous week.

The Chairman had invited representatives from Johnstone Phoenix Theatre

Company to address the meeting. They related how JPTC puts on 2 shows

per year in the Town Hall. They are self-funded and putting on a panto costs

about £25,000. They have in the past had some grants from community

funds, but their current application to the Leadership Board has been rejected.

They asked JCC to support future bids for funding pointing out that each

production brings about 3,000 people into the town. The down-sizing of the

Town Hall had exacerbated their problems. It could be difficult to secure

permission from rights holders to stage the best shows as there will not be

enough potential revenue from a small venue. Additionally, the company

incurred extra costs now, as costume and scenery could no longer be stored

and had to be hired in for each performance.

Cllr Cameron stated that she had been at the Leadership Board meeting and

invited JPTC to speak to herself and Cllr Rodden about how their application

could meet the funding criteria.

IMcM said that the Company should talk to all eight of the Johnstone

Councillors and said that JCC could write to Cllr Nicholson.

WD asked if the Company had approached Creative Scotland. They replied

that they had, but that they had not got on well. WD said that she was willing

to help with future applications helping to angle the wording to fit criteria such

as inclusion and social isolation.

6. Secretary’s Report

IMcM referred to the reports which had been emailed to all JCC members in

advance of the meeting.

There had been a liaison meeting with Chris Dalrymple and Dorothy Kerr of

Renfrewshire Council on 19th of February at which a number of issues had

been raised including various aspects of the litter problems about the town;

overgrown bushes and dangerous trees; street lights being out; overflowing

drains and vermin (rats and pigeons) around the town.

Elizabeth Forrest raised concerns about fly tipping in Collier Street.

There was a report on the full Council meeting held on 28th February which

referred to the budget; a review of polling places and polling districts; a motion

calling for the re-regulation of bus services and a query about whether there

were to be charges for the uplift of the brown bins.

Cllr R confirmed that there were no plans for charging for rubbish collection

other than for special uplifts. She went on to state that bin problems are often

mentioned on social media with blame being put on the new schedules.

Geraldine McNealey reported that she had checked through the Leadership

Board papers with particular reference to the budget. This had shown, among

other items, £5 million to focus on low-income families; £30,000 to the

Foodbank and support for the Citizens Advice Bureau. Other topics covered

included weekly meeting with the Scottish Government looking at the impact

of Brexit; investment in the Glasgow Airport area to encourage businesses to

the area and heritage funding which revealed that 17 applications had been

received and 9 of them were set to receive funds. Those organisations whose

applications had been rejected can reapply.

7. Treasurer’s Report

Linda Flint reported that following the March meeting the money from the

Scouts for the Gala programme advert has now been paid.

Other income included the Council grant to JCC of £1105 - the same sum as

last year. There is an insurance bill due but it has not yet been received.

LF apologised for the situation which had arisen with the Scouts, she had not

known that they had been promised a free advert in return for assistance on

the day. She asked whether we could return half the money to them. IMcM

replied that it would be more appropriate for the Gala Committee to consider

the idea.

8. Community Council Forum

CJ reported that Fraser Carlin had spoken about the plans for the Airport area

and he had been questioned on various aspects of the new Planning Bill.

There had been discussion on the problems with the new Georgetown

development and why legal obligations were seemingly not being met. It was

commented that JCC needs to keep on top of the developments at Barbush

Farm and the school sites, in light of the perception that promises to

Bishopton were not being kept.

IMcM commented that the money being spent on the Airport would be good

for Johnstone, bringing job opportunities. Cllr R added that the development

will create a centre of excellence attracting a minimum of 4,000 jobs.

Margaret Lavery commented that there should be more care for the welfare of

those living under the flightpaths and the environmental impacts. There

should be insulation and triple glazing offered to local houses.


LF stated that she had taken photos of road cleaning operations in her part of

town. For the previous week there had been a mechanical cleaner in John

Lang Street cleaning out compacted drains of accumulated sanitary towels

and wet wipes etc, which had led to raw sewage running down the street. She

asked for help from the Councillors over this to get John Lang Street properly

cleaned up. She added that housing managers need to inform tenants of what

material can and cannot be flushed down the toilet.

IMcM agreed to contact the relevant managers on behalf of JCC.

Cllr R agreed to take up the sewage issue and stated that she has asked

about getting resurfacing work done in the area.

Valerie Reilly asked what was happening about the proliferation of adverts

around Johnstone’s streets. IMcM said that he would check on it.

WD confirmed that Lord Rowallen has now signed the documents concerning

the transfer of land at Shanks Park. The project is now awaiting work by

Renfrewshire Council's legal team.

GMcN reported issues at Peockland Gardens. IMcM revealed that the area

has been signposted as a priority.

Cllr S noted that street lights, put in on the urging of the previous incarnation

of JCC 20 years ago, were now being claimed to be the responsibility of JCC

by Renfrewshire Council.

IMcM replied that this was definitely not JCC’s responsibility and he would

take the matter on board.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm.

The next meeting will be held in the Marriage Suite of Johnstone Town

Hall on Thursday 11th April 2019 at 7.00pm.

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