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Agenda and Minutes 10th May 2018

Johnstone Community Council

Agenda for ordinary meeting in Johnstone Town Hall Marriage Suite

on Thursday May 10th 2018

1) Apologies

2) Minutes of April Meeting

3) Matters Arising

4) Police Crime Statistics

5) Renfrewshire Carers Centre Presentation

6) Chairperson s Report

7) Secretary s Report

8) Treasurers Report

9) Cllr's Report - John Hood

10) Council liaison group

11) Council Board Papers

12) Events

13) AOCB

Johnstone Community Council

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of held on Thursday 10th May 2018 at 7.00pm in Johnstone Town Hall.

Present - W Dean, E Forrest, C Gilmour, C Johnston, D Lavery, D McKay, I McMillan, T Wallace, A. Henderson - Johnstone Business Consortium - 5 members of public.

Elected Councillors - J Cameron, J Hood, A MacKay, Derek Bibby, E Rodden, A Doig

1. Apologies - Valerie Reilly, Linda Flint

2. Minutes of April meeting proposed D McKay seconded C Johnston

3. No matters arising

4. Police Crime Statistics - police officers gave the following statistics.

Number Detected

Theft by housebreaking 1 1

Theft 13 2

Serious Assault 0 0

Common Assault 7 4

Drug Offences 4 4

Anti-Social 20 9

Road Traffic 5 5

Other 5 1

Various questions concerning Collier Street area, Morrisons, Stone Throwing, Thorn Court

5. Renfrewshire Carers Centre Presentation

Presentation was given by Christine Melville from the centre. Highlighted work the centre does and emphasised the centre was available to all carers in Renfrewshire. Members asked various questions and

Tom Wallace thanked Christine for an informative and enjoyable presentation.

6. Chairperson’s Report

Tom Wallace informed members that our Website Was up to date.

He asked elected members when we would get an update on proposed car parking charges in the town.

Councillor Cameron advised a report would likely to be included in the next Infrastructure Board meeting on the 30th May.

A general discussion followed on the lack of progress in correcting the sign directing people to car parks in the town which was incorrect.

Cllr Doig had a motion discussed and passed at the Council regarding upgrades to the A737 as part of the City Deal programme.

Cllr Steel Was thanked for his recent Work in Thorn Court.

Tom asked if any truth in the rumour that the Cash Collection Service in the town hall was to close.

Elected members did not know if this was the case. Agreed to Write to the council for clarification.

7. Secretary’s Report / Councillors Liaison Group / Council Board Papers

lain reported on the following

Proposed charges to L.A.C. - agreed to discuss at future meeting

Cuts to Mobile Library Service

Cllr Doig’s recent motion to council re Boundary Commission

Cllr Doig gave update. And lain raised concern over lack of democracy within Integrated Joint Board

Leadership Board - update provided by Cllr Doig.

A report was provided to members on the latest Liaison Group meeting.

Cllr Bibby advised lain to write to Fraser Carlin re MacDowell Street area due to non-response from owners of land/buildings in area.

8. Treasurer’s Report - none available.

8a. Councillor’s Report - John Hood

Cllr Hood reported on following

Success of grass cutting motion meaning Tannahill Park will now be cut.

Mobile Libraries removal.

There being a hung Council very often the Councils administration could lose votes.

Work to start in Johnstone Castle redevelopment in July.

Overton Road - parking problems - agreed to meet with local residents.

Parking Charges

Gave details over concerns surrounding the former school sites in Howwood Road.

M Lavery raised concerns over rubbish in North Road area.

- Traffic from Overton Road spilling into Thom Court

Question was asked about new homes in Castle

9. Events - Tom said the Gala meetings were positive and coming on well.


Cllr Bibby was following up better signage for library

Cllr Binks brought up consultation meeting for proposed Braehead Consultation.

No truth in rumour access was being opened up into Ferguson Street from MacDowell Street.

McGills to be invited to future meeting.

Margaret Lavery reported on Orange Order march in the town on 30th May.

Tom gave update on CC election

Meeting Closed 8:55pm

Next meeting 14th June 2018

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