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Agenda and Minutes A.G.M. 12th October 2017


Agenda for the Annual General Meeting in Johnstone Town Hall Marriage Suite - Thursday 12th October 2017 at 7.p.m

1. Apologies.

2. Minutes.

3. Matters arising

4. Report by Chairman Ron Ewing.

5. Report by Treasurer Carole Ewing.

6. Report by Secretary Sheila King.

7. Election of Office Bearers.

Position proposed by seconded by




8. A.O.C.B.


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Johnstone Community Council held on Thursday 12th October 2017 at 7.00pm in Johnstone Town Hall.


Members: Wilma Dean, Carol Ewing, Ron Ewing, Linda Flint, Elizabeth Forrest, Malcolm Hill, Catherine Johnstone, Sheila King, Dennis Lavery, Daniel McKay, Iain McMillan, Valerie Reilly, Mary Tennant and Thomas Wallace.

Also in attendance:-

Councillors (Ward 8) – Jacqueline Cameron.

(Ward 9) – Derek Bibby, Bill Binks, Andy Doig.

Police officers Tatlock and Armstrong.


Councillors John Hood, Andy Steel and Emma Rodden.

2. Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and agreed.

Proposed by Dennis Lavery

Seconded by Sheila King

3. Matters Arising

No matters were raised.

4. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman, Ron Ewing, gave an overview of the past year, saying that JCC had held two community events in the Marriage Suite of the Town Hall. These had been well attended and had brought up-to-date information to the community. There was a general impression that we would like to see more of these events as they had been deemed worthwhile.

The May Council elections had seen new Councillors take seats in our wards and these had been welcomed to JCC meetings.

JCC had organised the Summer Gala for the first time in many years. This had been a great success, a great deal of hard work had been put into ensuring its success – and it hadn’t rained! A profit of just over £800 had been made. It was understood that the Friends of Thomas Shanks Park intended to apply for a grant and organise the 2018 Gala.

There had been regular and constant complaints about the lack of public services in Johnstone leading to the Council’s Chief Executive and Director of Community Services invited to an extraordinary meeting. The general feeling had been that the meeting had gone very well and there had been promises to put our comments to senior council officers. And indeed, two senior managers had since contacted the Chairman. It was suggested that a JCC sub-group should be established to liaise with the Council and initially RE, Wilma Dean, Linda Flint and Carol Ewing had put their names forward. Members of other groups such as Margaret Lavery on behalf of her Tenant’s and Residents Association would be welcomed – other groups who might like to be included were the Johnstone Business Consortium and other T & R’s associations. This proposition would been taken forward after the AGM.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Carol Ewing, presented the accounts of JCC as well as a separate account for the Johnstone Gala LAC funds. LF asked why there had not been a feedback meeting following the Gala and why the LAC fund balance had been sent back rather than being taken forward to the 2018 Gala. RE explained that the LAC rules meant that as soon as the Gala was over the fund had terminated. Councillor Doig clarified that it was standard practice to return any outstanding funds so that they could be allocated to other causes.

LF queried whether the fee to the accountant, if refused as had been the case in the previous year, could go to a charity of JCC’s choice. RE stressed that the accountant himself had asked for the fee to be passed directly to Smoky Paws, so it had been done in accordance with his wishes.

6. Secretary’s Report

The Secretary, Sheila King, apologised that she had been incommunicado for the previous three weeks due to a problem with the JCC email address. It had been established that this had happened due to a change in status of George Kennedy’s personal email account (to which the JCC address had been subordinate). Our previous Chairman, Brian Cairns, had suggested that we use the domain within our website, but did not have the passwords to do it himself. The originator of the website has now been contacted and will help us out at his earliest opportunity.

The Secretary announced that, as previously intimated, she was standing down from office and also leaving the Community Council.

At this point the Chairman and Treasurer announced that it was also their intention to stand down but that they would stay on JCC as ordinary members.

7. Election of Office Bearers

Councillor Doig took the Chair and thanked the office bearers for their hard work over the past year. He then asked for nominations for the position of Chairman.

Thomas Wallace was Proposed by Ron Ewing and Seconded by Iain McMillan. There being no other nominations Thomas Wallace was duly elected and took over the Chair

TW asked for nominations for the position of Secretary. Initially no-one presented themselves as a candidate. It was pointed out that JCC would fail if there was no Secretary, it couldn’t run without one. Councillor Bibby suggested separating minute taking and correspondence to ease the burden, but it was pointed out that they were already done separately! Eventually Iain McMillan agreed to stand. He was Proposed by Linda Flint and Seconded by Wilma Dean. There being no other nominations Iain McMillan was duly elected.

TW asked for nominations for the position of Treasurer. Linda Flint was Proposed by Wilma Dean and Seconded by Elizabeth Forrest. There being no other nominations Linda Flint was duly elected.


The new Chairman thanked the previous committee for their hard work. He acknowledged that there had been some arguments and disagreements, but he said that it showed we all care about Johnstone.

There being no further business the annual general meeting closed at 7.30pm.

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