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October 10th 2013 AGM Minutes

Johnstone Community Council Minutes of the annual general meeting of Johnstone Community Council held on Thursday 10th October 2013 at 7.00pm in Cochrane Castle Community Centre. Present Members: Robert Bowater, Stewart Clark, Elizabeth Cosgrove, Wilma Dean, Linda Flint, David Higginson, Pamela Higginson, George Kennedy, Dennis Lavery and Valerie Reilly. Associate members: Brian Cairns, Evelyn Cairns and Daniel McKay. Also in attendance:- Councillors (Ward 7) – John Caldwell (Ward 8) – Derek Bibby and Andy Doig. Four members of the public were also present. 1. Apologies Elizabeth Forrest, Malcolm Hill, Councillors John Hood, Stephen McGee, Iain MacMillan and Christopher Gilmour. 2. Minutes Minutes of the 2012 AGM were approved Proposed by George Kennedy Seconded by Wilma Dean 3. Chairman’s Report Dennis Lavery began by expressing thanks to all the Community Council members and office bearers, the Councillors and members of the public who attended JCC meetings. He then presented his Chairman’s report. He reported that the beginning of the JCC session in October 2012 had seen Brian Cairns become an Associate Community Councillor, followed in later months by Evelyn Cairns and Danny McKay. The year had also seen the resignations of both Margery Parker and Robert Campbell due to other commitments. The Chairman then proceeded to list some of the events and changes in Johnstone in which JCC had had an input during 2012-13. These had included • The demolition of the old Town Hall and the environmental works to Ludovic Square which would hopefully have seen an end to rodent infestation in the area • The proposed new Johnstone Community Town Hall has seen the involvement of Community Councillors G. Kennedy, V. Reilly, E Forrest and D. Lavery with other user groups, Council officers and officials to discuss aspects of the internal and external design of the new building. • The ramp at Platform 2 of Johnstone Railway Station has now been completed, and thanks were noted to Cllr MacMillan for his input. • Environmental issues included dog fouling where Wardens have carried out a campaign focusing on the town centre and the repairs to the Quarry Street shops area which have now been completed after many years of trying • Road issues had been tackled by Linda Flint, Danny McKay and Bert Campbell who had begun to carry out a comprehensive survey of Johnstone’s roads, photographing blocked drains and defects concentrating initially on the Ritchie Park and Miller Street areas. They have received dates when remedial works should be carried out. • Playpark and Youth issues included the continued funding for Weans World to continue their work with the Friday evening youth clubs for which thanks were due to the LAC. Also the Children’s Playpark project in Shanks Park had been completed to the fundraising efforts of GK and WD who had managed to secure £50,000. • WRC Waste Storage Plant where the January fire had been predicted by GK. The follow up included a multi-agency meeting attended by GK, Hugh Henry MSP, Derek MacKay MSP, Mark McMillan Leader of Renfrewshire Council, David Martin Chief Executive, officers and officials from SEPA, the HSE and police and fire services. Unfortunately nothing much has changed at the plant. A letter from the JCC Secretary warning of the probability of a further fire has been hand delivered to Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond’s office by Hugh Henry MSP. 4. Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer reported that Johnstone Community Council funds stood as of 31st August at £7,156.25 in the bank. The annual administration allowance from Renfrewshire Council of £904.50 had been received. 5. Secretary’s Report The Secretary reported that the administrative function of JCC continues. The equipment had been serviced and was fully functional. Most business was currently carried out via the internet. 6. Election of Office Bearers Dennis Lavery stood down for the election and Councillor Doig took charge. He invited nominations for Chairman. Dennis Lavery was proposed by George Kennedy and seconded by Elizabeth Cosgrove. He was returned unopposed and resumed the chair. The Chairman then invited nominations for the remaining office bearer positions. For Treasurer, David Higginson was proposed by Stewart Clark and seconded by Dennis Lavery. For Secretary, George Kennedy was proposed by Valerie Reilly and seconded by Linda Flint. Both were returned unopposed. 7. AOCB There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.20pm. The next AGM will be held at Cochrane Castle Community Centre in October 2014.

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